About Us



Wilgreen Recovery Sdn. Bhd., is a company provided the “One Stop Solution” waste management, to our customer in Malaysia for simples, systematic, economic and legalize their General Waste and Schedule Waste (Hazardous Waste) handling and disposal as below:

General Waste

Biodegradable waste and rubbish services. Paper, plastic and wood scraps recycling precious and non-precious metal purchasing.

Scheduled Waste

Full Recovery for Below Malaysia’s Department of Environmental Schedule Waste Licenses Code.

  • SW104 – Solder Dross & Brass Dross
  • SW110 – Electronic Waste
  • SW325 – Crushed Spent Resins
  • SW410 – Contaminated Rags Containing Precious Metal
  • SW204 – Sludge Containing Metals
  • SW322 – Spent Non-Halogenated Solvent
  • SW323 – Spent Halogenated Solvent
  • SW401 – Spent Alkalis Containing Heavy Metals
  • SW409 – Use Contaminated Containers
  • SW412 – Sludge Containing Cyanide
  • SW422 – Contaminated Metal Chips and Articles